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ImageIn the arms of the angels fly away from here. (Sara Mclachlan) wrote a beautiful song about letting go. It’s the days of madness and pain that the knees of my spirit bow and in bowing down I will fly. It’s the gentle whisper of a Savior who picks me up after I fall down the steep path I have tried to run. It’s the belief that the moments of breath taken, the winds of heaven will breathe deeply into my soul and I will fly. In the storms of regret and beauty lost, I can be refreshed and made beautiful again. His spirit becomes me, in the maze of twisted wreckage and I am released to open my arms again and cry “Daddy, please pick me up” and miraculously he does. He is the light in the mist, the truth among the lies and the why’s. To his eyes do I look into and to his arms do I run and to his breath do I breathe, to his spirit do I wish to become. To his cross do I bow.

In this week of Easter, broken, a man carried his cross and became the Savior of the world. There is light still to this day. In the aftermath of broken. A broken body on a cross, hated and rejected he breathed forgiveness with his last hours on this earth. I must share the glory of this love. So beautiful, so broken, so real. Dearest GOD, I am humbled and bowed down. In your heart will I reside and in mine you are.


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