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A middle aged singer, songwriter, with a heart for orphans in Africa and a deep reflective mind that wishes to change the world. She is a 2 time cancer survivor and has overcome a lightning strike, a brown recluse spider bites, 7 car accidents as a passenger, a septic infection that nearly took her life. She started a foundation to orphans in 2002 and has funded drilling for over 11 water wells and the feeding of 4000 children. She signed with a record label in 2011 and released the CD Lynn Schriner, Amazed in October 2011. She has written 2 books Bent, Not Broken and The Angel and the orphan. She won 25th in a field of 8000 writers in the 2010 Writers Digest awards for her moving piece called "Ever After" Published in Newspapers, she is currently working on her second book entitled The second Chapter of grace. (Due out in 2013) Married and living on their farm in Colorado, she writes about her life and loves

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